Performing Arts  & Community Engagement

Inspired by social change theatre theorists and pioneers such as Bertolt Brecht and Augusto Boal, THE Theatre recognizes the role theatre plays shedding light on uncomfortable truths and opening dialog.

Not to say we don't love a bit of entertaining escapism, but audiences can trust that THE Theatre presentations are founded in empowerment and authenticity. 

Community Engagement programming is central to Authentic Theatre Ensemble's commitment to the community.  

Social awareness campaigns like the "Emanicaption Reflection Project" 


Authentic Theatre Ensemble, or THE Theatre, was recently established in 2020 to bring exciting and thought-provoking theatre to Central Wisconsin along with arts-based community engagement. We are in the process of becoming a fully recognized not-for-profit performing arts, educational, and community awareness organization.





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Look for the following courses offered by THE Theatre through MidState Technical College.


Drama and Drinks; Theatre History: A series focusing on World Traditions of theatre genres, with libations! Join all four topics or drop in for just a few. Topics Include:
Commedia Dell'Arte- Comedy's core

Ancient Indian Sanskrit Theatre- Rasa magic 

Epic Theatre- Brecht and Social Change

Musicals- The journey of the Modern American Musical

Director's Workshop; focused on directing for Community Theatre, this workshop gives the roadmap you need for great performances and rehearsal processes. 

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Performances & Events

Stevens Point PRIDE 2021

THANK YOU for making Point PRIDE 2021 a huge success celebrating our LGBTQA+ community members!


THE Theatre proudly represents Arts Organizations on the Stevens Point PRIDE Festival Exec Team. 

Artistic Director, Martha Bawara designed the stage and managed the day's entertainment! 

Interested in being a part of this wonderful event next year? Contact us! 

Original Content

Zoom Newsroom

WURStv, the most watched public access news program in the country has no choice but to broadcast over Zoom during the pandemic. 

Community Engagement

Authentic Theatre Ensemble is committed to bringing free arts series to our community such as our

 Farmhouse Concert Series 
Live streaming evenings of music from
a barnyard near you.

Past performances include: 

Jumpin' to the 1940's and 50's

Groovin' to the 60's 

Sunset in the Nature

Emancipation Reflection Project

2020 brought Black Lives to national attention. THE Theatre proudly supports the BLM Movement and seeks to offer the Central Wisconsin community insight to the issues the movement represents. 
Debuting over the July 4th weekend, we offered our local citizens the opportunity to reflect about what Emancipation means for present day BIPOC communities.

In partnership with local businesses, UWSP, and Alice's Garden Co-op out of Milwaukee,
THE Theatre encouraged community members to find an outdoor space to enjoy while reflecting on questions and statements by Black Americans.  

"Seek first to understand rather than be understood."

Original Theatre


THE Theatre is in the process of devising an original piece of documentary theatre about the societal landscape of Central Wisconsin including life during the pandemic, the 2020 election, the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact

in predominantly white communities.
It's important to have authentic representation of all Central Wisconsin voices.


  • How life changed in the past 2 years.

  • If you disagree with the need for BLM events or protests.

  • If you have a new understanding of BLM or your role within the movement.

  • If you have become more or less politically actve than you've been in past years. 



THE Theatre is dedicated to providing a safe space for all community members to use Theatre as an outlet and to develop their craft.

We currently offer classes in partnership with MidState Technical College, look through the course listings! 

We look forward to debuting our Youth Program for the 2021 school year. 
Our instructors have years of experience teaching Theatre Arts and are experts in the field with decades of theatre, directing, and teaching experience for those at all levels. 






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