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Performing Arts & Community Engagement

Authentic Theatre Ensemble is bringing diverse theatrical traditions to Central Wisconsin along with arts driven community engagement and education. 

Authentic Theatre Ensemble, or THE Theatre, is a repertory company committed to social awareness and the role theatre can play in opening dialog within a community. We strongly support LGBTQ and BLM, and all alternative communities. We work to highlight the positive role diversity plays in Central Wisconsin. Audiences can trust that THE Theatre events and performances are founded in empowerment and authenticity. 


New Venue!
more space, more seats, more drinks!

We know you want to liven up 

Central Wisconsin and that's what 

we're here to do. 

Follow us to be a part of it all! 

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NEW VENUE!  Rookies Sports Bar & Pub on Church Street!

More space! More seating! More drinks! More EXTRAVAGANZA

Get your costumes ready, get prepared for even more props and audience interaction, Get your tickets now! 

Our EXTRAVAGANZA is a live shadow cast that performs while the original movie plays, the best of both worlds! 

With all the call-outs, audience interaction, and prop frivolity- this is an extravaganza for the masses. 

Don't be caught at Rocky without A PAK!
AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION ACTIVITY KITS will be sold on site this year so everyone can take part in the fun. 

(No outside props will be admitted. You'll need to throw around toast and hotdogs and glitter in your own homes...) 

Learn more about being in the audience, props, and Rocky fandom here

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Community Engagement


Stevens Point PRIDE 2022

New Venue, same love! 
Mother Nature changed our outdoor event to an indoor one at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. 

And ya know what, it was still great! 


THE Theatre proudly represents Arts Organizations on the Stevens Point PRIDE Festival Exec Team. 

Artistic Director, Martha Bawara designed the stage and managed the day's entertainment! 

Interested in being a part of this wonderful event next year? Contact us! 

Original Content
PRIDE THE Theatre.png

Performing at Point PRIDE, our fearless actors wrote and created a very personal and giving piece about the wonderfully human struggle with BODY POSITIVITY, acceptance, and individual journeys to get there.

Support artists and celebrate bodies!

(And we added a little Time Warp there at the end!)  

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